Saturday, January 17, 2009

Girl in a hat

Just a couple of quick snaps of DD in my latest knit hat.


Anonymous said...

Love that hat...I want one!!! So cute!

Lauren said...

So cute, the girl and the hat!

Becky, I have to tell you how incredibly touched I am by your sweet offer to send me that pink striped hat of yours. Truly. If I was a hat girl I would take you up on the offer in the blink of an eye. However, I have the worst hair for hats (look at my picture on my blog). My hair poofs out from under any and all hats and looks so silly. I have tried to wear hats for years, but they look ridiculous on me. So, even when it's snowing out, or I'm skiing, I don't wear a hat. Either I wear one of those headband things if ear muffs.

Anyhow, your hats deserved to be worn. Not sitting on a shelf being admired from time to time.

I think it would look awfully cute on your brown eyed cutie :)

Thank you again....your kindness and generosity is just beyond words.