Sunday, June 27, 2010

Adams Stone Library, Quincy, MA

Holy cow, it's a blog post.

My daughter graduated 8th grade earlier this month (parent brag alert: as co-valedictorian!), and that weekend her class took a trip to Boston and Salem to tour some historic sites. I decided to leave the 40D at home and see if I could still operate a point-and-shoot camera. The answer is: not so much. This one's not so bad, though. It's the Adams Stone Library (as in John Adams):

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dumbass chipmunk

This was the most exciting thing that happened at our house all Memorial Day weekend. We rescued a chipmunk that got stuck in our bird feeder.
We couldn't figure out how he got in there at first. It doesn't open unless you pull up on it, so he didn't get in through the top. He must have crawled in through one of the square little holes. Then I bet he ate so much he couldn't get back out. Just like Pooh with the honey at Rabbit's house!