Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whale Watch and Eagles

On our whale watch off Campobello Island we saw a couple of bald eagles. Or maybe it was the same eagle in two different places. it is.
I shot these with my 70-300mm lens at 300mm from a moving boat and then cropped in, so they're not very good, but I wanted to show them anyway because I was excited to see an eagle and get the shots at all.

I was also excited to see an eagle and seals at the same time:
And we successfully saw whales on our whale watch. They weren't breeching or flapping their tales around or anything, so the photos aren't that exciting, but it was a thrill for me just to see them.
This one is from the next morning, when we went back out on the boat to fish. The weather was finally clear and sunny.
Boats in the harbor where we went out:


pat said...

I love it when I see eagles--I figure any day I see an eagle is a GOOD day. Love these shots--I think they are great, even with the 300 at max and from a moving boat. Isn't it thrilling to see whales and eagles in the wild?

Margaret said...

Wow! Eagles and whales in the same day! What a success. I love that first shot of the eagle. He looks so stern and majestic.

Sharon said...

Oh so cool! Great shots!