Friday, August 14, 2009

Kingsbrae Garden

A bunch of shots from Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews. Tomorrow I'll move on to day 2 of our vacation, Prince Edward Island.

My kids in a big chair:
A fushcia plant (I think.)
Dutch windmill that really works and feeds the two ponds in the garden:
A view of the sculpture garden:
They had a few animals there (like the alpacas from my previoius post):

Also in the sculpture garden. I couldn't find information online about what this is really called, but Chris and I call it "More Cowbell":


pat said...

Is that white peacock in the background of the 4th picture a statue? If not, that is one cool peacock! That looks like a really neat garden--the shot of your kids in that "Edith Ann" chair is a hoot. I can just imagine what that CowBell tree sounds like on a windy day!! By the way--all those faces you found are terrific--the "aliens" at the end are my favorites.

Sharon said...

Fun shots!

Christopher Walken has always scared me but that clip may have cured my fear. ;)

maureenm said...

Hi - you are right about the fuchsia... and the albino peacock is one of 18 new sculptures in the competition - more info on all the sculptures, including the Bell Tree on the Kingsbrae Garden website It took some searching, but the hand made copper cow bells actually make a very melodious sound in the wind... and the big Canada geese sculpture next to it sounds like honking geese when the wind is right!
Then you can click on the other menus to see the whole sculpture competition lineup, and much more!

For any budding artists out there, the call is out for sculpture submissions for 2010!
cheers, Maureen

maureenm said...

Becky, I planned to say how lovely your photos are of the Garden, and especially the sculpture garden shot... but got sidetracked answering questions.

Thanks for posting these great photos!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Colors on the peacocks are fantastic.