Sunday, August 16, 2009

Prince Edward Island Lighthouses and Coasts

I was looking online to remind myself which lighthouses we saw on Prince Edward Island and learned that there are about 50 of them on the island (which is about 120 miles long). As much driving as we did, I don't know how we managed to only see two of them. (We did see seven in total on our whole trip. You can see four lighthouses from Campobello Island alone.)

This first one is Cape Egmont, in Prince County. Prince Edward Island is trisected into three counties: Prince, Queens, and Kings. They rise in order of royal hierarchy in the direction of England, according to my guide book. I thought that was interesting.

This is the North Rustico Lighthouse in Queens County:
Queens County is home to Cavendish, which is "Anne Land" as in Anne of Green Gables. We didn't do any of that stuff, we just drove along the coast and tried to see as much of it as we could in the one day we had there.
A couple more shots of the red coast of PEI. My husband took this first one:


Sharon said...

Beautiful captures!

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pat said...

I've always wanted to go to PEI, and now I have, vicariously! Thank you for my vacation!! I love these red rocks, and the way they are layered; so interesting. Looks like it was rather breezy the way the sea grass is bending in the photos. Being a light house groupie, I enjoy the lighthouse shots...

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