Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Is your mama a llama?
No, my mama is an alpaca.
I love that mop-top and the smile.
One of the stops we made in Canada was Kingsbrae Garden (http://www.kingsbraegarden.com/) in St. Andrews, NB, where we saw these sweet things.
This is not a very good photo, but I had to post it for the cuteness factor. This little guy got all frisky and was running and jumping. It reminded me of the scene in Rudolph during reindeer games when Rudolph shouts, "I'm cute! I'm cute! She thinks I'm cute!"


pat said...

These are darling! I love the mop tops and the leggings. My DD had a job in college as an alpaca nanny--the stories she could tell you about them... That last one DOES remind me of Rudolph!

Meaghan said...

Cute alpacas! I have a friend with an alpaca farm in New Gloucester (http://www.queenslandfarm.com/). Let me know if you want me to 'introduce' you so you can go take photos. You know, in case you run out of flowers. :)

Sharon said...

They look like overgrown puppies. ;)