Saturday, August 22, 2009

Campobello and Passamaquoddy Bay

A few more from out on Passamaquoddy Bay while we were visiting Campobello Island.

In a book I read recently one of the characters calls gulls "nothing but rats with wings." (The book is Lottery by Patricia Wood, and I give it two thumbs up, by the way.) Yeah, they're gross when they're trash picking at the dump or stealing french fries out of your kid's hand on the beach, but I kinda like them out on the water.

Yay, another seal!
Ooh, scuba divers! I think they were harvesting rock weed. Or maybe salmon or sardines from the aquaculture cages we saw out on the bay. Or something. What the heck do I know; maybe they were recovering a body.


Sharon said...

Great captures! And I am glad there are seagulls to clean up everyone's trash. ;)

pat said...

I think gulls are flying rats, too, but at least they are pretty. I really like that second gull shot! the texture of the water around the seal is really neat--nice shot. That looks like someone official directing those scuba divers, doesn't it....

The Japanese Redneck said...

Good pictures.