Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunset at Campobello

We went on vacation to Eastern Canada last week. We drove along the Fundy Coast, went to Prince Edward Island, and ended up on Campobello Island. Campobello was the family's favorite part of the trip, so I thought I'd start with a couple of photos of the sunset on our first evening there.

This one is from the cabin where we stayed. I didn't discover until after I'd made the reservation that my mom and stepdad had stayed at the same place a few years ago--in the very same cabin.

Seen on our way back to our cabin from dinner at one of the two restaurants on the island:


Reds said...

Wow!! That's an amazing view!! The sunset is gorgeous!

Sharon said...

Beautiful color!

Lauren said...

Becky, that is gorgeous. Love the view, and the colors!

Your bee photo from yesterday is fabulous. I'm having quite a time getting any decent bug photos this summer.

Sharon said...

Beautiful sunset captures.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I would have never believed colors like that were real until we were on the tip of Louisiana. I got some great shots of the gulf at sunset.

pat said...

Oh my goodness, Becky, I'd have that first one on a canvas up on the wall in a heartbeat! What a phenomenal sunset--those colors are aweinspiring. Love your framing, too--just perfect.