Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hopewell Rocks, Cape Enrage, and Fundy Trail Parkway

On day three of our Canadian vacation, we drove along the Fundy Coast of New Brunswick. Our first stop was Hopewell Rocks. http://www.thehopewellrocks.ca/English/index.htm
This was a disappointment for me, photography-wise. It was SO foggy. It was cool to check out these rock formations and "walk on the ocean floor" at low tide. You can see some nice photos at the above link. At high tide people sea kayak around the "flower pot rocks" seen here.

My family inside one of the rocks:
So both my mom and one of my best friends have visited here in the past, but neither one of them mentioned this to me:

Our next stop was Cape Enrage. http://www.capenrage.com/ Again, so foggy you could barely see the lighthouse, and again, you can see pretty photos online.
There's an adventure center here run by high school students. Here you can see a couple of girls rappelling down the cliff to the beach, where my family is watching them:
Next we drove along the Fundy Trail Parkway http://www.fundytrailparkway.com/, a multi-use trail along the Bay of Fundy. We found another flowerpot rock, with no fog this time.
St. Martin's, where people were climbing all over the rocks and caves and enjoying the beach:
The family:

Coming up tomorrow: Campobello Island.


Sharon said...

I love those rocks! Um... what are you thinking that one is all about? Hmm... Great pics!

Margaret said...

Beautiful scenery. Cute shot of your family, too! I've missed you on POTD. I guess I'll just have to keep track of you through facebook and by checking your blog directly even if you don't post in POTD! :)

The Japanese Redneck said...

Great rocks. Hubby would say, no you can't take one home.

pat said...

I kinda like the foggy eerieness of the beach and rock. Love the low tide feel. The lighthouse in the fog is really neat. I like the shot of the one snas fog, too. Can't believe how grown up your son is looking since he cut his hair!! Sheesh!!!