Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pink tulips

I love pink tulips.

Not my best Photoshopping job. Pretend you can't see that the edges of the tulips aren't seamless where I toned down the yellow background. :-D


Amy said...

These tulips are very pretty and I'm PS-challenged so I would have never noticed you did work on the shot! I really like the pink with the green and that shade of yellow! :)

p.s. I'm at the part in The Shack where he's just about to have his first dinner at the shack...I'm finding the book to be a bit slow, it's lost some steam. I'm hoping it picks up, but I'll have to pick it back up to find out. Allyson asked me to pre-read a couple of books for her so I did that this weekend. Go Ask Alice and Sold.

pat said...

I love the pink against that yellow background, Becky. Such a warm and soothing combo.

Beth said...

Tulips are my absolute favorite, I'd take a pic of mine, but my lack of a green thumb means they are not very pretty! Yours are gorgeous.