Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cake and Snuggies

DD's birthday cake. It looked better than it tasted.

I got her a Snuggie for her birthday. It was worth the money just to watch her crack up when she opened it.


Lauren said...

Ok, the cake looks to-die-for. Darned shame it didn't live up to it's looks :( Love the Deloney Baloney thing, she is such a cutie, I hope she had a great birthday. And holy smokes on the snow! We got two inches last night....I gotta say, I'm kinda happy I don't live in Maine right now!

shirley said...

I want some of that cake, it looks so yummy! LOL on the snuggie thing - my DD would love one, but would be "too embarrassed to be photographed in it. Your DD is obviously more mature than mine!