Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas ornaments

My tree is definitely not themed. Nothing matches, and the tree is getting really crowded because we get new ornaments every year. Someday I will give my kids all their ornaments to hang on their own trees when they leave the nest. These are a few I have in my Photobucket account.

My SIL gave us this glass pacifier the year my son was born:
This is from DD's first Christmas:
One of my favorites:

From my mom last year. She doesn't label our presents; she buys each person an ornament and attaches them to our gifts and we all figure out whose is whose. They always fit us perfectly and/or give us a hint to the present inside. My mom is the best.
One of my oldest ornaments (and given to me by my mom when I left the nest). I made it in Brownies when I was little. I call it "Jesus on a half shell."
DS's ornament from my mom last year. It actually plays the Sports Center theme music. Da-na-na! Da-na-na!
And of course we have to have a Red Sox ornament. Okay, we actually have three or four.
I think I have a story for every ornament on my tree. Aren't you glad I only picked seven to show?


Anonymous said...

Ok that camera ornament is so cute! I want one! I don't have a lot of stories for my ornaments but each year my kids pick 1 or 2 new ornaments out to buy. They will get these when they leave the nest!

Bobbi said...

I love these ornaments! Your Jesus on a half shell is adorable and the camera one rocks!

Sad to say our tree is themed I guess this year. Unknown to me James went out and bought Star Trek ornaments and snuck them on there. Its a good thing he makes me laugh and is attractive or we'd have some problems ;)

pat said...

Love these ornaments! Our tree is like that--although less so since the kids left the nest and took their ornaments with them. I love a good hodgepodge tree filled with memories. Gotta find one of those ESPN ornaments!! I know 2 people it would be perfect for. (PS I laugh every time I see your avatar--it is just so cheering!)

PierKiss said...

Yay for ornament pictures! I love love love the snowman one-and the tradition that goes along with it! :) I really like your first picture too-love those light bursts! :)

Angela2932 said...

These ornaments are wonderful! I especially like the pacifier, and how you photographed it! Your mom's idea is wonderful; I'm so copying it for my kids this year! (And if your mom ever feels like adopting a middle-aged woman, can I get in line?)

Mandy said...

Oh my word Becky...these are so great. I just love the stories behind these so much. My fav is Jesus on a half shell...goodness. He is DIVINE. I cannot believe they let you make him in Brownies. Maybe my troop leader was anti-god or something...but Christmas was all about Santa in our troop.

Suzy said...

What darling ornaments! I love them all!