Sunday, April 26, 2009

New York City

It was school vacation last week, so the family and I headed off to New York City. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and walked over to the Empire State Building.
View of the Chrysler Building from the observation deck on the 86th floor:
I think that's the Brooklyn Bridge:
I don't know what this building is, but I just thought it looked cool from the observation deck.
A street scene from our walk back to our hotel.


Sharon said...

Great captures! Thank you for shooting the Chrysler Building as it happens to be my favorite art deco building ever! Also that black building with the gold tips is the American Standard Building. It used to be the American Radiator Building.

pat said...

Love that black and gold building. Did they use that one in "Ghostbusters"? There are some majorly cool buildings in NYC. HOpe you had a good time!!

Reds said...

So glad you are sharing your vacation pics!! Awesome shots of the buildings! And love the cab shot!

Nicki, said...

Excellent captures. Was just in NYC with my daughter on a school trip and was so bummed out that we weren't given time to actually go up to the observation deck. Love your shots!

Angela2932 said...

These are great! Looks like you had a nice, clear day for these shots, (although it's probably primarily your photographic expertise :) ) It looks like you used a combination of lenses, a fisheye and something else. . . did you actually carry more than one lens around with you as you traveled? I'm impressed! . . . because there's the carrying AND switching lenses to deal with! I hope you share more from the trip, and I want to know, too, if that's the "ghostbusters" building?