Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vera Bradley Christmas Stockings

Is it going overboard with your love of Vera Bradley when you buy your daughter a Christmas stocking and your mother buys you one? If so, don't care.
So I made the chicken fried steak from Pioneer Woman's cookbook for dinner tonight. I've never even eaten a chicken fried steak, never mind cooked one. Most of my "chicken fried" fell off the steak into the pan, and I oversalted the gravy, but it was still pretty good. We're just sitting around listening to our arteries harden now.


Christine said...

Love the VB stockings! And I love Pioneer Woman's recipes. I haven't made this one but I've made a bunch of others with success. Her Pasta Carbonara will clog your arteries for sure......4 eggs, butter, cheese, and a POUND of bacon. YUMMO! OOops, maybe I shouldn't mix my cooking metaphors. = )

Sharon said...

Love Vera Bradley!