Saturday, December 5, 2009

My version of a Starbucks yarn wreath

Last year everywhere I went on the internet I seemed to be hearing about the wreaths Starbucks had up in their stores for the Christmas season. I thought they looked pretty cool, so I decided to try making one this year. You can see a photo of one of the Starbucks ones here:
Starbucks yarn wreath

Here's mine:
Closer view:
You can find tutorials online really easily. Some used floral wire and pins, some used hot glue. I used a combination of both. If I make another one, I'll look for a cheaper alternative than the styrofoam balls I wrapped the yarn around. They're kinda pricy. I used shatterproof ornaments from Walmart. The glittery ornaments are from Walmart too.

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Sharon said...

Well done! You did an excellent job. Hmm...