Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Phoebe's first month

We've had Phoebe for a month now. I'm kind of surprised how much I like having two dogs.
How could anyone resist this face? Delaney had her doing a fashion show that day.
She's kind of like a cat. She likes to sleep curled up on my desktop.
She won't wear the hat, though. She doesn't share my affinity for elf culture.
It doesn't look like it here, but she and Baxter have become best friends and play together all day long. And I've discovered how hard it is to get a photo of two dogs at the same time.
Seriously, if you can resist this face you're probably dead inside.


Sharon said...

Oh good grief! Even her toys are pink!

It's OK Baxter, you are welcome here anytime. Not pesky little furballs here. ;)

Lauren Hartman said...

Ridiculously cute. You're making me almost want a dog (except for the 10pm walks in the pouring down rain part). Glad the two of them are buddies :)