Friday, November 6, 2009

Snow cap

I woke up to even more s-word this morning.
What a difference a week(ish) makes. This photo that I posted last week was taken on Oct. 29.
This morning:


Lauren Hartman said...

Whoa, HUGE difference! I can't believe you already have snow!

Our weather has changed too, and after a huge wind and rainstorm last night the trees are bare or have just a couple of leaves hanging on. Here comes winter :(

pat said...

Love the before and after shots here! What I can't get over is the difference in the leaf colors--from golden to a reddish orange. Love these shots!! Like Lauren said--we've had wind and rain. Last night we had s**w on top of the mountain behind us (about 1/4 mi from my house, but the top is 1500' higher). Winter...bleh!

Tracy said...

Love that snow capped tire-iconic picture! Sorry for the s word but hey we live in maine-I'd be upset if we lived in Florida and saw these sights though!