Friday, November 20, 2009

Boat on a lake

This puppy is kicking my butt...I haven't taken any new photos (except of her) since she got here Sunday, so I'm posting an old one. To answer your question, Sharon, she hasn't destroyed anything YET, but only because while housebreaking I try to watch her like a hawk. If she's not in my arms, we're either outside or I'm following her around obsessively in an attempt to catch her and get her outside when she gets ready to squat. Baxter is adjusting to her. They've been playing chase and tug o' war like old friends the last couple of days. Baxter is still off his feed a little bit, but I think after a period of adjustment we'll settle into being a happy two-dog family.

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Sharon said...

Love the color!

Good luck and enjoy the puppy!