Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh, the humiliation

You've seen me torture Baxter with Halloween costumes. You've seen the Santa hats, the bunny ears, the shamrock sunglasses. Really, it was inevitable...


Lest you think I'm not an equal opportunity dog humiliator:
(I'm telling you, dogs have no appreciation for a photographer's need to get their subjects into good light.)

What a relief it will be to them to have their paws free to use the phone and the remote control.


Sharon said...

Oh Baxter! Do you want to come to FLorida? No doggie clothes here. ;)

pat said...

Ok, I'm trying to decide whether the REAL humiliation is the Snuggie or the Phoebster!! SOOO glad to see the Snuggie on a dog who DOESN'T wear glasses!

Angela2932 said...

Ha! I KNEW this would happen because I remember your comment long ago about how you loved "doggie humiliation!" And they look so resigned!