Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scene from an apple orchard

One of the things I miss about my kids being little is going apple picking, and actually my favorite part of apple picking is the handmade donuts they have at the orchard. I decided to go and bring the kids home some donuts one day last week. But I left the car door open and Baxter got to them first. Of course he didn't touch the huge bag of apples right next to them. This wasn't his first donut theft, either, and the last time was because of a car door I left open too. My dog is smarter than I am.


pat said...

One smart dog with very discrimating tastes! Love the processing on this, Becky---very impressionistic.

Sharon said...

Sringers LOVE donuts! lol

I love the processing here.

Lauren Hartman said...

That is a beautiful photo Beck, I love the painterly feel of it. Sorry about the donuts. Bad dog, bad, bad dog! Maybe he's paying you back for the Halloween costumes?

If you have a minute, could you tell me how to link a blog post and photo to one's Facebook wall? I am Facebook illiterate :(