Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse


Bobbi said...

I can never get a blue sky :( Or the gorgeous sky in your sunset picture.

I hope your boy is doing ok and the tail bone isn't broken.

You are rocking out the knifty knitter. I bought one and made one tiny hat. I really want to do some more things with it.

(I had to get my Becky fix and combine my comments!) <3

Sharon said...

Beautiful shot! LOVE that blue sky against the stone.

pat said...

Becky, you did a fabulous job getting the white of the lighthouse and the texture detail, too. I really like the stain/discoloration to the right of the window/it adds some punch to the photo and gives a hint to the age of the lighthouse. LOVE the hydrangea shot,too--wow, what a gorgeous soft head on that one, and your pp is perfection!!!